About Us

Snake Helpline is a voluntary organization under The Societies Registration Act No (XXI of 1860) comprising of like-minded persons from different sphere of society with a heart for snakes. Founded by Sri Subhendu Mallik, the organization helps the public in peaceful co-habitation with snakes. Our research on snake behavioral ecology boosts snake conservation along with lessening the snakebite casualties. The injured snakes also get attention by eminent veterinarians. To eradicate snake phobia & to fight with the blind beliefs & superstitions prevailing in the society is the foremost task ahead of us. We welcome public participation for a stronger movement.


Kamal Lochan Purohit, ACF, Asst Director Nandankanan Biological Park. He is chief of anti-depredation squad in the state.  True wildlifer, nationally acclaimed who keenly monitors, guides & inspires the 3 R’s.i.e rescue, rehabilitation & research.

Dr Ashis Kumar Mohanty, M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D.,  Professor, Department of Zoology, College of Basic Science & Humanities, OUAT, Bhubaneswar. A herpetologist of national & international repute.

Dr Siba Prasad Parida, AMIMI(India), AMIAE(India), M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D.,LL. B., a passionate naturalist with international publications. A scientist at par with any topper in the country in the field of reptiles, birds & wildlife.

Dr Niranjan Sahoo, M. V.Sc., Ph. D.(Med), Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, OUAT. He is also the  in charge of animal health in wildlife wing of Odisha.

Subhendu Mallik , M. Sc.(Ag),   Bitten by cobra 10 times & by Russell’s viper once. 5 times in ICUs. Appointed as Honorary Wildlife Warden for Khordha District, Odisha from 21-08-2012.


Sanjib Kumar Das,   M. Sc., LL. B., MJMC, works as Sr. Staff Photographer for Times of India. Contribute towards photography & public relations.


Santosh Chaudhury, B. E.(Elect. & Telecommunication), Arguably the best close up magician in the country after his guru Sukesh left for America. Has revolutionized Magic profession by introducing table hopping magic in the state. An amateur magician who easily out smarts professionals. His disciples are in full swing in star hotels of the state. A snake lover contributed  greatly by giving weapons to Snake Helpline. i.e snake catching equipments. Runs a magic school www.ssmagicacademy.com.

Anudev Mohapatra,  BITM(Software Dsgn.), AD. Multimedia, CCNA, A Graphic Designer by profession is a founder member. He has created the Logo of Snake Helpline.


Priyadarshi Mohanty M. Com, LL. B., MBA, works as Business Analyst at Coca Cola, but very much passionate about snakes, is also a founder member.


Surya Kanta Mohanty, B. Com.,  A true sports man who tries his level best for the betterment of sports in the State. Prepares sports out fit for thousands of sports personnel in the state .  Has the credit to glamorize Snake helpline.

Rajesh Prusty, B. Com.,  Businessman by profession but charms snakes better. Carrying out despite near fatal cobra bite. Looks after Southern part of the state.


Snakes are the most misunderstood animals in the world. In India the snake is associated with myths & mythology. Due to the blind beliefs & wrong practices prevailing in Indian society, snakebite consumes a lot of innocent lives. According to WHO report India tops the maximum number of snakebite death per annum in the entire world. Snake Helpline is just a small stepping stone in the movement towards reducing the curse of snake bite.