Snakebite is just another accident. And with proper & timely medical intervention precious lives can be saved. Few tips given by Snake Helpline may help you to avoid snakebite.

- 90% snakes are non venomous. At least try to identify the 6  medically important snakes namely Indian cobra, Monocellate cobra, Russell’s viper, Saw scaled viper, Common krait, Banded krait. King cobra is confined to very specific habitats. So apart from those snakes one should not fear others. Snake Helpline gallery of snake  which consists of commonly available snakes will surely be a help.

- Any snakebite during night  must  be taken seriously as krait bite mostly occurs at night.

- While going out at night use torch light, wear shoes.

- Try to avoid sleeping on ground. Mosquito net will also save you  from snakes.

- During rain due to waterlogged condition snakes comes out. Be careful.

- Dead snake’s fangs can inject venom due to reflex action. So even the snake is dead, handle it carefully.

- Don’t try to catch defanged snakes of snake charmers. As the venom gland is still there & the  injury caused by the feeding teeth if comes to contact with venom, it might be dangerous.

- Destroy termite mounds close to houses as they attract snakes.

- Snakes enter into houses in search of food. So get rid of toads, rodents etc. from your houses.

- Never try to run over the snakes while driving on road.

- Prevent children playing in snake infested areas.

- While keeping birds or rabbits in house be careful as they will surely attract snakes.



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